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Power Banks have become a very useful tech accessory to have in your work bag or jacket pocket. With our increasing dependency on IT devices, it is always reassuring to have some extra juice handy for when that phone or tablet is about to die. As promotional items, Power Banks are therefore a great choice, as they are useful, long lasting and never that far from view.

Our range of quality Power Banks come in a variety of forms and power capacities (measured in mAh). When choosing a Power Bank for your promotion, do think about the intended use. The cheaper devices will hold less power, and therefore may not be able to fully recharge a phone or tablet. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S6 has a battery rated at 2600mAh, an iPhone 6S is 1715mAh, and an iPad Mini 3 is 6470mAh. The Power Banks below come in varying power capacities from around 2200mAh for a Telsa, to 12,000mAh for the Extreme model. The latter can therefore either charge a phone multiple times or a tablet twice. Overall the more mAh the better and more useful the power bank will be.

For some FAQs on Power Banks, please check out this article in our News section.

Some really cool branding options available on these devices to make your logo or marketing message stand out. Please browse through and contact us with any questions you may have.

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