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June 19, 2017   |  Promotional Products

Why Promotional Umbrellas?

The choices for promotional products is enormous. At Promotional World we have over 5000 products listed in over 30 categories. So why would you choose to spend your precious marketing dollars on some promo brollies? The answer is to do with exposure and coverage, and in more ways than one!

A successful promotional product has longevity, gets used frequently, is gratefully received, provides great brand signage, and delivers multiple brand exposures. A promo umbrella has these attributes in spades.  This is why they are, and have been in the top 10 selling promotional items for many years.

What are the branding options?

The great thing with an umbrella is that you have a lot of different areas to put your logo or marketing message on. On the larger brollies (sports & golf models) there are usually 8 panels that can be branded. Therefore, depending on your budget, you could have up to 8 different messages or images branded. More commonly, you will see umbrellas with 4 panels being used, giving a nice separation but still a 360-degree impact on the audience.

The most common method of branding is a traditional Screen print (usually for logos with 1 to 3 colours). A colour Digital print is used for more complex images or multi-coloured logos, and Sublimation print where you wish to have an image printed across an entire panel(s). The latter creates a fantastic effect but requires a largish volume to make economic sense.

There are some other considerations for branding your promotional umbrella. Logo size and positioning is important to get the best signage. But remember that you have in effect a triangular panel to print on, so to maximise the logo size we have to use the base of that triangle. For advice and help on the best options, just provide us with your logo ideas and let us digitally mock-up a few ideas for you.

What makes a strong umbrella?

Umbrellas can be prone to inverting or breaking in windy weather. The main reason for this happening is the material the ribs are made of. Cheaper umbrellas have metal ribs which will bend, buckle or break under strain. For a sturdy brolly, we strongly recommend models with fibreglass ribs and shaft and with guide ropes. A vented canopy on the top of the brolly strengthens them even further, as of course does the thickness of the fabric material used. One of our suppliers Peros, produce a range of quality umbrellas with the very popular Hurricane model being wind tunnel tested to handle over 40km/hr winds!

How much do promo umbrellas cost?

The cost really comes down to 2 things, first the quality (read durability & longevity) and secondly the branding option chosen. Of course, you also must consider the type of umbrella (Sports, Urban, Novelty etc) and features like auto opening and handle materials.

So, the price range is quite large, typically $15 to $40 per brolly. To get a better idea based on a specific umbrella, then please have a browse through our Umbrellas section on this website or just give us a call.

Don’t waste you promotional marketing funds on cheap umbrellas!

Giving out cheap promotional umbrellas will have an adverse effect directly on your company or brand. Having an umbrella break after a couple of outings, leaving the recipient cold & wet is not going to help your company’s image.  Also think about seeing your company’s logo on a broken brolly stuck in a rubbish bin…not a good promotional look!

For any other questions on Promotional Umbrellas, please contact us at and we will help you find the right product at the right price for your marketing campaign.

Keep dry!

The Promotional World Team